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Om Namo Center

Welcome to Om Namo Center. Our mission is to help each client experience long-term health and happiness. We treat, educate, and empower guests using the treatments and classes at The Center and beyond.

We are passionate about helping you find the services and classes that will best serve you. Please explore our offerings and contact us at any time; we would love to answer your questions. Welcome to our community!



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Om Namo Center is located at
21 Belmont Street, Cambridge MA 02138

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The Center is open 15 minutes prior to yoga & movement classes and by appointment.

We love to answer your questions or assist with booking appointments anytime during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. Stop by or give us a call at (617) 868-0756. You can book appointments and class reservations online at any time.

Our Approach to Healing and Health
On Mindfulness by Hillary Illick

Hilary Illick works as an executive coach, a life coach, and a faculty member at the Hoffman Institute. Her clients include senior leaders at dozens of corporations nationwide, as well as individuals who see her at Life Matters, her private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Hilary is also a public speaker and storyteller, presenting on Compassionate […]

Your Bone Health: Tips to Build a Sturdy Frame

Rob Stephenson, personal trainer and co-founder of Om Train at Om Namo Center, has some thoughts on how you can improve your health. It’s not all about muscular strength!  21st Century: Aging Us Faster There are several deteriorations that occur in our body as we get older. The two main ones are bone demineralization and […]

A Fall Salad to Feed the Body & Soul

Jane Henderson, Om Namo Center’s multi-talented yoga teacher and home cook, shares with us another fantastic recipe for a healthy, satisfying meal. The recipe is respectfully adapted from Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romero.  Often when I wake in the middle of the night I find my brain already kicked into high gear. There is usually a […]