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Om Namo Center

Welcome to Om Namo Center. Our mission is to help each client experience long-term health and happiness. We treat, educate, and empower guests using the treatments and classes at The Center and beyond.

We are passionate about helping you find the services and classes that will best serve you. Please explore our offerings and contact us at any time; we would love to answer your questions. Welcome to our community!



New to Om Namo Center?


Om Namo Center is located at
21 Belmont Street, Cambridge MA 02138

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The Center is open 15 minutes prior to yoga & movement classes and by appointment.

We love to answer your questions or assist with booking appointments anytime during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. Stop by or give us a call at (617) 868-0756. You can book appointments and class reservations online at any time.

Our Approach to Healing and Health
We’re Honored!

We are honored to be selected for the 2018 Scout’s Honored poll. Om Namo Center is nominated again for best yoga in Cambridge. We are thrilled that our wellness practitioners have been recognized for their expert work as well; Om Namo Center is also nominated for best holistic health center. If you would like to vote for us, you can do […]

Chronic Illness and Energy Healing 2018-05-29
How Can Energy Healing Help Chronic Illness?

Energy Healing helped Corinne Feinberg find relief and healing from Lyme disease. She uses her experience and expertise in energy healing, including reiki and sound therapy, to help others heal.   Healing from Chronic Illness with a Whole-Person Approach In a time when the general public knows more about preventative health foods and supplements than ever before, we […]

Music for Yoga 2018-04-18
A Playlist To Elevate Your Yoga Class

Nicole Siegel’s students know her dynamic vinyasa yoga classes for their fantastic playlists that complement, not distract from the practice. Nicole shares one of her recent favorites here. Enjoy! Maybe it’s because I grew up in the age of the mix tape.  A carefully constructed labor of  love with a beginning, middle and end to tell a […]