How Can Energy Healing Help Chronic Illness?

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Chronic Illness and Energy HealingEnergy Healing helped Corinne Feinberg find relief and healing from Lyme disease. She uses her experience and expertise in energy healing, including reiki and sound therapy, to help others heal.  

Healing from Chronic Illness with a Whole-Person Approach

In a time when the general public knows more about preventative health foods and supplements than ever before, we still find ourselves in the great mystery of how to truly heal from chronic illness, cancer, Lyme Disease and the like. Doctors are still looking for that miracle pill to cure what ails us, and until then, we have to be our own physicians exploring recommendations and research that feels most supportive for your own healing process. In supporting optimal health, it is important to take into consideration a whole-person approach. What creates health and harmony is the cohesive interplay between the body, emotions and mind. We require all to be in balance and therefore must take into consideration how our thoughts and emotional states are helping or hindering our physical health, and vice versa.

As a healer, I fuse multiple modalities centered on intuitive guidance that draw from my first-hand experience healing myself from Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. I’ve walked on both sides of the line through health and wellness, and after fully recovering from my own bout with chronic illness, I know how to guide others through their own experience to better health. My focus resides on the mental and emotional balance within each individual. I use intuitive listening, spiritually-centered guidance and physical sensing in my hands by scanning their body to decipher where each client is stuck energetically, and what mental or emotional connection is linked to this physical location.

Most people faced with a chronic illness are stuck in the mental process of healing. The powerful mind creates a well-crafted maneuver to distract from the present moment and think into the future as a tactic to silence the emotional reaction, which tends to be overwhelming. This choice to engage the mind over feeling causes neglect in the emotional processing of healing, and instead hinders the physical processes of the body causing even more disconnect between aspects of our being. When the emotions are neglected – or avoided – we are separating a naturally occurring part of ourselves. We are meant to feel. It’s a wonderful gift of our human experience, but it is not always the most comfortable to experience fully.

Emotions are commonly classified into two categories: positive and negative. In the positive category, we have the “happy” emotional states that most people enjoy feeling like love, joy, and compassion. The second category holds the emotions that are harder to experience, like grief, anger and fear. It’s these negative emotions that tend to surface when someone is working thru chronic illness. If someone is uncomfortable with experiencing these emotional states, their mind will take over and remain busy so as not to fall into a moment of feeling. The fallacy here is that busying of the mind does not diminish the emotional piece. In fact, it creates bigger waves of the emotions as they signal to get your attention, which further stimulates the overactive mind into thinking its way out of it.

This is a vicious cycle that promotes a disconnection of Self. In order to heal you have to feel, but this is impossible unless your mind is trained to observe the present moment. Emotions are not the enemy here. They are a natural reaction to what you are going through and a necessary part of who you are. Ignoring emotions is keeping your body in the stress response state of fight, flight or freeze which keeps the body depleted from its natural energy reserves needed to keep your organs and systems of the body in proper working order. So when clients who have a chronic illness, like Lyme Disease and cancer, come to me seeking support, we focus on the energetic effects of their emotional and mental patterns to bring the client into harmony within the aspects of themselves.

I have experienced and witnessed the power of this kind of mental and emotional balance with energy healing when it comes to chronic illness over the past six years of working with clients. It never ceases to amaze me how shifting the energy of these aspects of our being can create wondrous results in how the physical body operates. And it doesn’t make a difference if I am working with someone in person or over the phone. Energy transcends space and time.

One of the first client’s I had the opportunity to work with after healing myself from Chronic Lyme was a woman who had cervical cancer. Kerry* had already gone through surgery to remove the cancerous cells on her cervix but months afterwards, the cancer had returned. Her doctor had recommended chemotherapy and radiation but knew that if she pursued these forms of treatment that she would be unable to fulfill her lifelong dream of bearing her own children. Kerry came to me as a last resort before taking her doctor’s recommendations. After the first healing session with me, Kerry said she felt more calm and at peace around her fears and concerns about her state of health.  Her second session offered her a sense of hope that the cancer could be healed as she became aware of her thoughts and her tendency to control her experiences by keeping an overactive mind. The third and final session brought her into awareness of her emotions.  She realized that she had neglected her emotions throughout this whole journey with cancer, and what she noticed was that she had always been judging and criticizing herself.  She always pushed herself to be better and do better but with motivation from self-punishment through internal dialogue. Kerry’s whole life had been a battle for control, and this came out even more so during her journey with cancer when she wasn’t getting better, even after doing everything “right”.  Once she finally felt forgiveness for herself through our three sessions together, she called me after a few months had passed with the news that her cancer was gone.  Two years later, she got pregnant with her first child after always wanting to be a mother.  Her son will be two this year.

After sharing my story of healing success in Lyme Disease support groups, I began to connect with Chronic Lyme clients residing all around the country. One woman I worked with remotely was Jessica, who had Lyme Disease for 40 years after contracting it from her mother while in utero. There wasn’t a single day that Jessica wasn’t plagued by symptoms. She had lived her life around this chronic illness and it had become her identity. I offered energy healing sessions over the phone with her where we focused on the energetic unraveling of past trauma and abuse, and healing the mental thought patterns that she had adopted about herself from these traumatic events. Jessica busied herself with meeting the demands of others and prioritizing everyone above herself as a tactic of avoidance from feeling the fear and resentment these past traumas caused her. It wasn’t until we soothed her stress response through energy healing that we could finally address her self-sabotaging beliefs and neglect of caring for herself that had been preventing her from fully being there for the ones she loved. After six weeks of working together, she was symptom free from Lyme Disease for the first time in her whole life and has been symptom free for the past 5 years.

Healing is possible for everyone and one of the biggest deterrents is lack of hope. Without motivation to keep going, there is no fuel to keep the car moving. Clients working with chronic illness tend to feel powerless in their search for their own healing. What they don’t understand is that they hold most of the power to engage and support their own healing – it just resides within their mind and emotions.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of clients