Carly S. Vernon


Running through woods and fields, climbing everything possible as a child: trees, stone walls,
rooftops, it makes perfect sense for Carly’s path to have lead her to a movement practice.
Since 2001 a studied yoga student-turned certified teacher in 2012, then on to educator in 2017,
Carly has studied the human body both personally and professionally with insatiable curiosity.
A car accident in 2011 resulting in whiplash, led to years of physical discomfort and frustration
with well-meaning but ineffective treatment. A debilitating response from a treatment set Carly
off on a journey into recovery.

Carly’s work spans and weaves throughout the entire body; from a passion with skeletal movement, certified as a 3D Anatomy in Motion practioner, up to the skull with CranioSacral Reflexology, to everything inside and in between including the musculoskeletal mechanics of breath. With personal studies into Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is constantly observing the
patterns of where and how the heart-mind-body relationships entwine.

The study of intricacies in joint movement and resistance, combined with skilled fascia mobilization allows her a unique perspective along with some amazing physical experiences and realizations.

Knowing the joy and relief this discovery brings to her own body and by extension her life,
Carly is always searching for ways to introduce this experience of relief and freedom to her
clients and students.

Inversion/suspension slings, hula hoops, Kali sticks, and all sorts of opportunities that present
on trails and beaches are used as avenues into learning Self healing.

Utilizing hands-on treatment, safe & fun assisted/guided movement, and personalized home/
self care steps, she helps discover how repatterining is a curious, fun, interesting, and effective
journey into self healing.



This entire Center is one of a kind. If you are looking for wellness and wellbeing there is nothing like it. Run don’t walk to this very special place.