NAMO Yoga is the studio’s foundational yoga system, developed to thoughtfully account for the ways in which our bodies have acclimated to 21st-century life. NAMO Yoga instructors teach alignment based on a personal bio-mechanic assessment to help you gain a better understanding of where the compromises are in your body – which muscles are working too hard, which are under-performing, and which have simply checked out. Using this understanding, you can overcome the ways in which your body compromises by learning optimal skeletal alignment and muscular engagement. Sequences are designed to engage the muscles used for lifting off joints and bones and enable maximum length and extension through fascial structures in each pose.
Instructors: Santosh Karmacharya, Sally McAlpin

NAMO Vinyasa Flow

NAMO Flow combines the principles of NAMO Yoga with a traditional flow style – characterized by simultaneous breath and movement, where over time each movement of the body coincides with an in or out breath. Movement in this way allows the body to exercise without creating stress and tension, instead relaxing the body and mind.
Instructor: Nicole Siegel


Explore how core plays a vital role in mindful movement. Strengthen, balance, and awaken all of the muscles that keep us upright while avoiding resistance and friction. This class will help you prevent injuries no matter what kind of movement you are doing in your daily life.
Instructor: Santosh Karmacharya

All Levels Yoga

All Levels Yoga is based on the principles of flow, uniting the body to the breath while flowing from pose to pose in an intelligent sequence. Particular attention is paid to alignment to keep the body safe while building strength and flexibility. All yogis, from beginner to advanced, are welcome; modifications will be offered to accommodate various levels of experience.
Instructors: Tom Hogan, Jane Henderson

Mindful Strength

Learn how to engage your core when performing functional movements in your day to day life. This class will focus on safe physical integration, allowing you to progress at your own speed while also challenging yourself. Great for anybody looking to heighten body awareness, build stability in the joints, or improve balance.
Instructor: Rob Stephenson

Namo Monday Movement

Namo Monday Movement is a different class each week, designed to give the student a well rounded approach. Five different styles revolve around a five week cycle, and include Namo Flow with Santosh, Hatha Yoga with Sally, Primal Movements with Pablo, Yin Yoga with Emily, and Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga with Tom.
Instructor: Santosh Karmacharya, Sally McAlpin, Pablo Ruiz, Emily Peterson, Tom Hogan

Yoga for Everyone (Donation $5+/-)

Enjoy your weekend with community! Yoga for everyone is an all levels vinyasa yoga class that will build strength, flexibility, and reduce stress. This is a donation based class and our goal is to offer affordable yoga so that everyone can participate. This class is facilitated by Coeli Marsh, along with the Teachers Study Project (TSP). The Teacher’s Study Project (TSP) operates as a resource for teachers, providing mentorship, professional development and the opportunity to study craft. Over the past 15 years TSP has successfully mentored many of Boston’s most loved and experienced yoga teachers and has called many studios home around Boston. TSP teachers are committed to serving all students and offering accessible and affordable yoga. It is a long standing tradition that the TSP offers a by donation class to the community, and we are honored to be hosted by the Om Namo Center.
Instructor: Coeli Marsh with the TSP

Hatha Yoga

A gentle, therapeutic class designed for all levels. This class explores principles of movement and biomechanics in traditional yoga poses, and also includes breathing exercises and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques.
Instructor: Sally McAlpin

Creative Alignment Flow (Level 2)

Learning the classic yoga postures requires a knowledge of the structural foundations which compose each one, including the interaction of breath, muscle, and bone. This awareness can be developed in the meditative stillness that each form offers, or by observing how one posture moves into another and then noticing what has changed and what has remained constant. Dan uses a combination of the two modalities, and he approaches asana from a creative standpoint that seeks to offer new dimensions to the familiar. The reward of balancing movement with stillness, freshness, and familiarity is a state of mind and body that students can take with them outside of the yoga class, an effective way to observe themselves as they go about their day.
Instructor: Dan Boyne

Dynamic Core Flow

The core is the power center within the body—the source of our physical power, stability and emotional balance. This vigorous, deeply transformative class is a dynamic flow with creative sequencing of postures (asana) and breathwork (pranayama) designed to awaken and empower your core and access full aliveness in the body. Standing poses, arm balances, backbends, and inversions may be explored, followed by cooling down poses, twists and deep relaxation. Alignment cues and hands-on assists are woven into the flow to guide you safely and afford you maximum benefit from the practice. This class offers a good workout while restoring balance between mind and body, helping you achieve optimal physical and emotional functioning.
Posture modifications are offered to suit all fitness levels.
Instructor: Lucie Kasova


A one hour sensory-based movement practice with non-impact aerobic conditioning, strength training, and free-form movement using a combination of jazz, modern dance, the martial arts, and the body-mind healing arts including yoga. Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Classes are barefoot to soul stirring music. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities.
Instructor: Alice Heller

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice that blends various holistic health and yoga traditions together to give you the most relaxing, gently therapeutic experience possible. During class, you will experience postures, movements, and techniques designed to heal you from the inside out. Each class is tailored to the specific students who are present, ensuring that you receive a completely personalized experience with every class. No experience necessary.
Instructor: Esteban Da Cruz


Kalari means “battlefield”, and is considered the mother of all martial arts. Kalari yoga is a holistic physical training, combining dynamic attack and defense movements with the secret knowledge of marma points. Class ends with meditation and savasana.
Instructor: Pradhuman Nayak

Yin / Yang / Mindfulness

Yin / Yang / Mindfulness Yoga is Inspired by Sarah Powers Insight Yoga, this class blends a Yin sequence of long held, passive poses, which enhance the meridian and organ systems and work to prevent joint rigidity and immobility, with an active Yang practice involving rhythmic movement and muscle engagement while practicing how to move the appropriate core muscles without straining or losing our connection to deep breathing. In addition, we will practice mindfulness, as an attitude and a technique, to settle down and in, breeding a concentrated mind that is both relaxed and alert without seeking any other outcome other than pure observance.
Instructor: Nicole Siegel

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