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Community acupuncture originates from the way acupuncture is authentically practiced in China. Patients receive acupuncture in a group setting and receive treatments until their health conditions are fully resolved or greatly improved.

You will be treated in a semi-private space within a group setting, fully clothed, laying down on a treatment table. We can very effectively treat you without requiring you to undress; most points are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head, scalp and ear lobes. Due to the group nature of the treatment, only points that are accessible while fully clothed will be employed.

Community Acupuncture is affordable acupuncture. Our sliding scale is $20-40 (plus $10 for the first visit). You decide what you can afford and pay what works for you.

Frequency of treatment is important for acupuncture to have a lasting effect. One of the best parts of our clinic is that you determine your treatment time. Most people relax with their needles for 30-60 minutes, but you may stay as long as you like as long as we have room for you, or until the clinic closes an hour after the last available appointment time.

Appointments are strongly encouraged and walk-ins are accepted on a space-available basis. You may want to call us at 617-868-0756 and check for availability.

[columns] [column_left] [box_header]Price[/box_header] [items_list type=’simple’] [item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Sliding Scale $20-$40 [/item] [item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Plus $15 First Session only [/item] [/items_list] [box_header]Register[/box_header] [items_list type=’simple’] [item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]To schedule an appointment please call: 617-868-0756 or
Visit our Calendar to Book your appointment >>[/item] [/items_list] [/column_left] [column_right] [box_header]Hours[/box_header] [items_list type=’simple’] [item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays: 2:30pm-5:30pm [/item] [item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]Sundays 9:30am-12:30pm [/item] [/items_list] [box_header]Members[/box_header] [items_list type=’simple’] [item icon=’small_arrow right_white’]OM NAMO members receive 50% off their treatments every time they bring a new client to Community Acupuncture![/item] [/items_list] [/column_right] [/columns]
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