Individualized, Affordable Biomechanical Assessments

The Community Wellness Clinic (CWC) is a new and ongoing initiative at Om Namo Center, offering an individualized and affordable assessment of your biomechanical makeup in order to identify habitual patterns of movement that create stress and inflammation, and to develop strategies to promote holistic and sustainable health. Exclusive to Om Namo and consistent with our distinctive Biomechanics perspective, the CWC is a unique program providing focused expert attention for individuals interested in understanding more about their own bodies through a biomechanical lens.

Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30pm / Thursdays, 7:30-8:30pm
30-Minute Assessment for $25
By appointment only. Call 617-868-0756 to schedule.

Individualized Assessments

Meet with a team of health and wellness practitioners (led by Marie Buckhout, DC and Kathy Kates, FNP and under the direction of Santosh Karmacharya) for your personal assessment, designed to identify your specific postural patterning and any potential compromises that might lead to injury. Assessments include a focused evaluation of your individual biomechanics and thoughtful consideration of your current lifestyle and fitness routines. Your team will carefully consider your personal concerns and goals to formulate recommendations that will work for you.

Personalized Recommendations

After completing the assessment, the team will provide you with practical exercises that you can use to create a sense of increased wellbeing, stability, and equilibrium. You will have the option of purchasing additional supporting materials, such as written documents or videos, created specifically for you.

Assessment, on-site recommendations, and supporting materials:

• Help you to gain greater awareness of your individual biomechanics, including areas of misalignment and instability that may now or over time cause injury and pain.

• Provide you with tools to support yourself with exercises you can do at home or work, recommendations for therapies that would enhance your personal goals, and ways to balance or improve your current exercise routine.

• Give you unparalleled access to a team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals working collaboratively under the direction of Santosh Karmacharya. Each practitioner brings years of experience and a unique perspective. Collaborative work allows teams to think broadly about many aspects of your physical health and practices.

The CWC Team
Clockwise from left: Pablo Ruiz, Santosh Karmacharya, Sally McAlpin, Brian Huggins, Rob Stephenson, Sarah Livesey, Tom Hogan, Jessica Diaz, Kathy Kates, and Marie Buckhout
Marie Buckhout, DC

Marie has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life West College of Chiropractic in Hayward, CA. She previously worked as a Chiropractor for Chiro-Medical Group in San Francisco, a multi-disciplinary clinic with a holistic approach to optimal health and a specific focus on sports medicine. In addition, she was a team Doctor for Team-in-Training runners in the San Francisco area. Marie is also a full-time mother of three and a lifelong exercise and health enthusiast. For the past 3 years she has been living in the United States, between Connecticut and Florida, and prior to that she lived in Paris, France with her family for 5 years. Marie enjoys tennis, running marathons, skiing, group fitness, and traveling.

Kathy Kates, FNP

Kathy currently works as a bilingual Family Nurse Practitioner at a community health center in Waltham where she specializes in women’s health and the pelvic floor. In recent years, Kathy has continued to expand her knowledge base by studying myofascial release with John Barnes (PT) and Biomechanics with Santosh Karmacharya at Om Namo Center. Prior to her medical training, Kathy was a professional musician, playing locally with the Boston Pops and also traveling the world. Her two career paths, while disparate, have both served to foster a lifelong curiosity about the body from a biomechanical perspective. Her passion lies in educating others on how they can function optimally in order to live their happiest and healthiest lives. She is also a proud mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor.

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