NAMO Yoga is the studio’s foundational yoga system, developed to thoughtfully account for the ways in which our bodies have acclimated to 21st-century life. NAMO Yoga instructors teach alignment based on a personal bio-mechanic assessment to help you gain a better understanding of where the compromises are in your body – which muscles are working too hard, which are under-performing, and which have simply checked out. Using this understanding, you can overcome the ways in which your body compromises by learning optimal skeletal alignment and muscular engagement. Sequences are designed to engage the muscles used for lifting off joints and bones and enable maximum length and extension through fascial structures in each pose. Classes in the NAMO Yoga system are offered five days per week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday – and taught by Santosh, Sally, and Emily. Let your body teach you how to move more mindfully as your muscle groups begin working in synchronicity. You will take this new body knowledge and strength into all yoga classes and your daily life.
Santosh Karmacharya

In addition to owning Om Namo Center, Santosh has a robust and busy practice offering bodywork, yoga, personal training, and biomechanics for both individuals and groups. In the past few years, Santosh has worked collaboratively to create a new system of yoga based on biomechanics of the human body. NAMO Yoga combines Santosh’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics with his experienced perspective on the variability of individual bodies. Santosh has developed a unique yoga system that prioritizes personalized biomechanical assessments for optimal stability, safety, and length. NAMO emphasizes the health of the spine and joints, and focuses on defying gravity so we can stay upright for longer.

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