George Mandler is a Licensed Nutritionist/Dietitian and Acupuncturist specializing in digestive disorders, chronic inflammatory diseases and food sensitivities.   He has extensive post-graduate Functional Medicine training as well as specialized training in food hypersensitivities and the immune systems response to food antigens.

George understands and interprets laboratory testing very differently from conventional allopathic physicians.  He also uses additional testing such as salivary and stool testing for certain diseases that can offer additional insight into your health.

He is a Certified LEAP Therapist and uses Mediator Release Blood Testing (MRT) to help build your personalized anti-inflammatory diet known as the LEAP diet.  The personalized anti-inflammatory diet is most effective for patients with difficult to treat conditions such as Migraines, IBD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune, Depression, Arthritic conditions, Fatigue, CFS to name a few. Within 7-10 days on a low antigenic elimination diet the large majority of patients have at least a 70% reduction in symptoms.

You can visit George’s website:

George is at NAMO on Wednesdays for Nutrition and Acupuncture sessions.

George is a nutrition provider for: BCBS (all Massachusetts BCBS, Federal BCBS, and all out of state BCBS that cover nutrition), Aetna & Cigna (check your plan for ‘preventative nutrition coverage’).    All other insurances  that cover out of network nutrition will be provided a superbill for reimbursement (HPHC, Tufts, United, and others)


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