OM Train: Small Group Personal Training Program

OM Train is a fitness training program for those ready to make meaningful changes in their physical health. Instruction from a team of experienced teachers is combined with the welcoming community and resources at Om Namo Center. This a truly unique and effective way to improve your health.

The program is focused on small group classes that are personalized to provide measurable progress in strength, stamina, posture, weight, and body composition.  Classes take place in our main studio with full access to all the weights and training equipment you’ll need for a safe and high intensity session.  There are two class formats: Integration and Mobility (I+M) and Balance, Strength, and Conditioning (BCS), which focus on different training objectives.

Your Monthly Membership Fee of $219 Includes:

  • An intelligent, achievable, and personalized training program
  • Convenient early morning (6 or 7:15am) or afternoon (4pm) class times
  • A supportive and holistic community of like-minded trainees in a non-gym setting
  • Personalized instruction, guidance and motivational support from the team
  • Membership covers 3 classes per week
  • Optional unlimited access to Om Namo Center’s yoga classes for $30 additional a month

A weekly commitment is required to guarantee the results of Om Train.  To learn more about the program and schedule a free consultation contact us and get started today!

Sean O’Hara has been a trainer and coach since 2016, working with groups and individuals.  His training methodology has been highly influenced by his personal experiences with injury, and his sessions emphasize movement that prioritize awareness and function.  Sean’s intention in this training process is to help clients feel more comfortable, and capable with their bodies.
Jennah Jacobs is a certified yoga teacher through the Kripalu School for Yoga and Health. Her skillful teaching is inspired by Tom Myers’ holistic myofascial strategies, Katy Bowman’s nutritious movement paradigm, and  yoga instructor Sarah Jane Shangraw. Jennah draws from these experiences to create a “Namo Yoga” style class on Mondays and Thursdays focussed on Integration and Mobility.
Santosh Karmacharya is the founder and owner of Om Namo Center. He has a thriving practice offering bodywork, yoga, personal training, and biomechanics for both individuals and groups. In the past few years, Santosh has worked collaboratively to create a new system of yoga based on biomechanics of the human body called Namo Yoga, and is a main collaborator in developing the OM Train program. Santosh teaches Integration and Mobility every Tuesday morning, in addition to his weekly yoga classes.
Alecia Dayger has dedicated nearly two decades of study and practice to the field of health and wellness. While earning a Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy she gained a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and expertise in how body systems integrate. Alecia’s strong background in human sciences combined with her commitment to honoring intuitive wisdom allowed her thrive at The Massage School, where she completed an 800-hour training program, including 200 hours of hands-on clinical experience, and now serves as faculty. Alecia teaches Integration and Mobility for Om Train Tuesdays at 4PM.
Tom Hogan has over a decade of experience in the field of health, wellness, and athletic performance. He has studied closely for three years with Santosh Karmacharya, exploring principles of movement and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. Tom combines eastern philosophical principles with western exercise science to create a class that is challenging yet safe and invigorating. He teaches Balance, Strength, and Conditioning on Mondays and Wednesdays in addition to his Friday yoga class.
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