Pelvic Health at Om Namo Center

The pelvis and your overall pelvic health is rarely discussed, but can often be the source of many difficulties. Imbalances in the pelvis can result in painful sex, burning with urination (without a UTI), urinary incontinence, constipation, as well as low back pain, hip pain and headaches.

Kathy Kates is an experienced Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Pelvic Health. She practices a form of pelvic floor massage called Myofascial Release (MFR). MFR is a therapeutic treatment that uses both external and internal techniques to restore balance to the pelvis. Pelvic health appointments are available for women only at this time.

Benefits of pelvic floor massage appointments include:

  • Increased awareness of the pelvic cavity and its effect on overall health
  • Improvement in posture
  • Headache relief
  • Reduction in pelvic pain, including pain with intercourse
  • Improvement with constipation
  • Relief from low back and hip pain
  • Improvement with urinary incontinence, overall vaginal tone and pelvic organ prolapse

Meet our Practitioners


Kathy Kates

Kathy’s goal is to increase patients’ overall knowledge of the pelvic floor and how therapeutic myofascial release techniques can help to relieve chronic pelvic pain. Kathy speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Services are $150/hour