Pelvic Health

The pelvis and your overall pelvic health is rarely discussed, but can often be the source of difficulty. Imbalances in the pelvis can result in a multitude of issues for women, men and transgender patients; including: pain in the back, sacrum, hip, or piriformis, as well as painful sex, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation and even headaches. During pregnancy, imbalances in the pelvis can result in fetal malposition and pain.

Kathy Kates is an experienced family nurse practitioner, (FNP) with a specialty in pelvic health. Kathy blends myofascial release and biomechanics to create a unique treatment approach for you to restore balance to the pelvis.  Myofascial release (MFR) is a type of therapeutic touch that is used both externally and internally to gently release fascial restrictions.

Kathy has also trained extensively in the Spinning Babies ™ approach and blends this seamlessly into her work with pregnant patients.

Pelvic health appointments are available for women and transgender men and women. Pelvic health appointments are available for men who are working in consultation with a urologist.

Benefits of pelvic floor massage appointments include:

  • Increased awareness of the pelvic cavity and its effect on overall health
  • Improvement in posture
  • Headache relief
  • Reduction in pelvic pain, including pain with intercourse
  • Improvement with constipation
  • Relief from low back and hip pain
  • Improvement with urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and overall vaginal tone

Meet Kathy


Kathy Kates

Kathy’s goal is to increase patients’ overall knowledge of the pelvic floor and how therapeutic myofascial release techniques can help to relieve chronic pelvic pain. Kathy speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Services are $175/hour, and we accept cash, check, and most major credit cards.  We do not accept insurance, but can provide you with an itemized receipt that you may be able to submit to your insurance or flexible spending account.