Robert Mason Pollock

Energy Healing

Robert Mason Pollock has been an energy healer and spiritual counselor for 25 years. He practices and teaches in Manhattan and the Berkshires. He works with the Light to remove emotional/energetic/physical blocks from the body, which helps us to heal. Robert uses pendulums and divining rods to access divine intelligence in the service of clearing the client’s energetic field and the effects of past experience/trauma plus any current conditions.

Robert believes that we live in times that are energetically favorable for growth and transformation, and that the key to making the best use of these conditions is to be attuned to the Higher Energies that are coming into the Earth with increasing strength and intensity. While each of us is unique and works at our own pace, Robert’s work is informed by the belief that each of us has the means to heal and make the changes we want to make.

Robert is the author of Navigating the Heart: Tools to Diffuse Negativity and Connect to Inner Guidance and DNA of the Spirit: A Practical Guide to Reconnecting with Your Divine Blueprint, channeled by Rae Chandran. For more information, visit Robert’s website.



I found this work to be very profound. Robert is incredibly intuitive and I had some deep insights and releases during and after the session. I highly recommend this work.