Santosh Karmacharya
Owner, Om Namo Center

Thoughtful Approach to Bodywork
Santosh’s path to bodywork began when he was a Physics major in college in Nepal. Among other things, physics piqued Santosh’s curiosity about gravity and its effects on the body. With this interest in mind, Santosh began studying acupuncture, but quickly realized that his true passion lies in biomechanics. Through the study of biomechanics, Santosh explored the ways in which our bodies respond to gravity and strategies for lifting ourselves up. At this point, Santosh has had the opportunity to hone his biomechanical theories and practices in his training through work on over 30,000 bodies.

In 2002, Santosh brought his craft to Om Namo Center (formerly Oriental Medicine), where he spent the next five years focusing on acupuncture and bodywork. He began to see that people were not getting markedly better; over time, they would continue to come back with the same issues. Santosh began to expand his practice beyond acupuncture and bodywork to include physical therapy and chiropractic techniques in order to understand the mechanics of the body in detail. Santosh uses his extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western healing modalities, as well as his understanding of physics, to recognize patterns in the body that promote healing through strengthening, lengthening, and stretching in ways that maintain structural integrity.

Path to Yoga and Biomechanics
In the past few years, as Om Namo has expanded to include a yoga studio, Santosh has worked collaboratively to create a new system of yoga based on the biomechanics of the human body. NAMO Yoga combines Santosh’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics with his experienced perspective on the variability of individual bodies. This led to the development of a unique yoga system that prioritizes personalized biomechanical assessments for optimal stability, safety, and length. NAMO Yoga emphasizes the health of the spine and joints, and focuses on defying gravity so we can stay upright for longer.

Santosh has also personally benefited from his biomechanic framework. Using the knowledge he has honed over time, Santosh has developed a rigorous running practice despite being told that his knees were too compromised for sustainable running. Now, Santosh has completed multiple half marathons, the Boston Marathon, and more than 20 century rides, as well as a triathlon in March 2015.

Services and Clientele
In addition to owning Om Namo Center, Santosh has a robust and busy practice offering bodywork, yoga, personal training, and biomechanics for both individuals and groups. Santosh’s clientele includes a range of people who use their bodies in various ways – from office professionals who sit at a desk and in meetings every day to yoga teachers to professional athletes to Hollywood actors. He works collaboratively with individuals to help people understand their own unique biomechanics and what they can do to move through the world with healthy bodies and minds. As a native of Nepal, Santosh’s style embodies a unique blend of Eastern healing arts and knowledge of Western science, which is the hallmark of Om Namo Center.

Santosh has had the privilege of working with knowledgeable and dedicated teachers throughout his life. He learned martial arts and Eastern physical therapy from Dr. Watanabe, and needling technique and energy healing from Dr. Takémura. Dr. Lee mentored Santosh in Eastern chiropractic techniques and structural integrity – modalities that Santosh later polished with the guidance of Steven Jackowicz. He also completed a 500 hours of yoga teacher training with Daniel Orlansky. Santosh is now focused on learning about osteopathy and visceral manipulation, and he plans to pursue an advanced degree in kinesiology.

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