Shivali Brooks Page


Shivali Brooks Page is an intuitive healer, psychic, and Licensed Reiki Master Teacher. She trained in Reiki with Laura West, M.Ed, a Master Teacher with a strong lineage in both Usui and Jikiden Reiki. Shivali is trained in and practices Pranic Healing and is a certified Kundalini Reiki Master; she is also certified in Shambhala Multi Dimensional Healing. Shivali brings energies of her own Indigo Violet Light Healing and Body Dialogue, as well as other modalities, to create a unique blend of energy, healing, and transformation. She also offers crystal healing and Healing Aura Sprays. Shivali has a dedicated daily yogic meditation practice, which complements and enhances her work. She is passionate about facilitating healing and empowerment and helping others on their journey.



I wasn’t a reiki believer, but came in for help with a creative block that had been seriously affecting my work. Shivali left me utterly convinced. In addition to various strong physical reactions, I had an intense sensation of heat wherever she was working… Incredible experience; I will definitely be back.