Shyam Nepali

Sound Healing

Shyam Nepali learned the practice of singing bowl therapy in his native Nepal, where this method of healing has been practiced for thousands of years.  His handmade singing bowls from Nepal are tuned to different pitches that work on each of the 7 chakras, and his masterful ear creates a beautifully musical and therapeutic sound bath.

As living beings, energy moves within us and without us.  Physics has proven that even solid things are constantly moving, as their atoms are always vibrating.  Singing bowl therapy uses the vibration of sound to reach whatever is out of alignment within a person’s physical and/or energetic bodies. Through vibration any part of the body or energy field that is “out of tune” gets a tune up, allowing realignment and healing to take place.

The vibration of singing bowls can release physical and mental tension, dislodge emotions trapped in cellular memory, and restore the flow of energy to the chakras and meridian systems in the body.  It is an energetic tool that can bring body, mind and heart back into balance and harmony. Singing bowl therapy is such an accessible practice because it allows the body to receive healing as it is ready, in whatever place it is needed.  You may experience a surge of energy as you respond to a vibration, or you may feel tears as you experience an emotional release. Each person is different every day.  We invite you to experience this powerful and ancient method of healing.



OM NAMO never disappoints. No matter what kind of session I attend, I always walk out of the center feeling calm, healed and centered. I tell all my friends to discover OM NAMO.

Client C.N.