Yoga and Movement Teachers

Santosh Karmacharya

NAMO Core, Tuesday at 9:30am / NAMO Yoga, Saturday at 7am
In addition to owning Om Namo Center, Santosh has a robust and busy practice offering bodywork, yoga, personal training, and biomechanics for both individuals and groups. In the past few years, Santosh has worked collaboratively to create a new system of yoga based on biomechanics of the human body. NAMO Yoga combines Santosh’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics with his experienced perspective on the variability of individual bodies. Santosh has developed a unique yoga system that prioritizes personalized biomechanical assessments for optimal stability, safety, and length. NAMO emphasizes the health of the spine and joints, and focuses on defying gravity so we can stay upright for longer.

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Dan Boyne

Creative Alignment Flow (Level 2), Wednesday at 6pm
Dan has been practicing yoga for over twenty years, and teaching since 2002. He has been interested in mind-body disciplines since high school, when he studied judo, and in college he practiced Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He continued to study Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and other internal styles from Boston master Arthur Goodridge, who also taught him the Japanese hand-healing art known as Reiki. In the 1990’s Dan became interested in yoga as a way to combine his love for movement with a more spiritual practice, and he has worked with several master teachers, including Richard Freeman, Ana Forrest, Barbara Benaugh, Tias Little, and Patricia Walden.
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Rachel Brailove

All Levels Yoga
Rachel has been practicing yoga for nearly two decades, and began teaching in 2011 after training with Bo Forbes in therapeutic slow flow and restorative yoga. Yoga offers many techniques to find greater ease, well-being and resilience, both emotionally and physically; and each practitioner brings their own interests to the practice, such as developing more strength, flexibility, calmness, energy, etc. Rachel’s aim is to help students explore what works for them individually, through guidance about alignment, breath, awareness, and modification options. Rachel’s classes emphasize mindfulness – non-judgmental awareness of moment-to-moment experience – in movement and held postures. By integrating physical and meditative practice, we enhance the mind-body connection, creating a foundation for healing and growth.

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Esteban da Cruz

Gentle Restorative Yoga, Sunday at 6pm; Namo Yoga, Wednesday at 9:30am
In 2010, while training in mixed martial arts and bodybuilding, Esteban sustained an incapacitating back injury that forced him to stop all physical activity. After a period of rehabilitation and rest he began to practice Asana with the hopes of one day returning to training. Around the time this was happening, he also began delving into many facets of eastern philosophy, notably Yoga and Buddhism.

Esteban realized that he had been living on auto-pilot, distracting himself from the true work needing to be done, rather than walking a path toward lasting fulfillment and satisfaction. Following several requests from friends, Esteban began leading yoga sessions, hoping to share some of what he had learned. Since then he has gone through a 200 and 300 hour teacher training. He left the 300 hour training midway, feeling a need to learn on his own terms and explore his practice as an individual. As Esteban developed a more consistent home practice, he increasingly began teaching in studio and private settings, all while continuing to study with seasoned teachers in the Boston area.

Esteban’s goal is to guide students into a more intimate connection with their minds and bodies, so that they may begin to notice and alter patterns in their lives that are injurious to themselves and others. Ultimately the goal is to learn to listen to oneself, in order to return to contentment, health, and simplicity in living.

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Alecia Dayger

Alecia has dedicated nearly two decades of study and practice to the field of health and wellness. While earning a Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy she gained a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and expertise in how body systems integrate. After college, she started practicing yoga as a way to balance strength and flexibility through movement. Inspired by the positive impact yoga had on her life, Alecia completed a 200-hour RYT training and has been teaching since 2012. Her classes integrate thoughtful sequencing and breath work to nurture present-moment awareness and challenge repetitive patterns of the body and the mind. Merging techniques from Physical Therapy, Yoga and Massage Therapy, Alecia finds joy is partnering with group classes and individual clients to achieve optimal health.

Nora Dybdal

Kids Yoga
Yoga has been in Nora’s life for as long as she can remember; yoga-playing and practicing with her mom since she was a toddler. Nora completed a teacher training in the Sivananda tradition in 2004. In 2014, she completed another 200 hour teacher training at The Kripalu Center in Lenox, where she found great inspiration and renewed excitement about the teachings of yoga. In 2015, she had the pleasure of studying with Tara Rachel Jones of Flower Yoga and receiving her 95 hour children’s yoga teacher training certificate. Nora is excited to bring the benefits of yoga to our youth, since she found it such a gift to have herself from a young age. She finds great inspiration from her son and her experience as a mother. Nora is also a licensed massage therapist; she graduated from The Muscular Therapy Institute – Cortiva Boston in 2008 with a 900hr training certification in Massage Therapy. She has a private massage therapy practice in Arlington. Nora brings her background in anthropology, natural sciences, massage and yoga training to offer yoga classes that are accessible to a variety of age groups and abilities and that are rich with imagery, awareness of natural world, attention on the senses, encouraging students to cultivate their objective witness and self compassion.

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Kimberly Hagan

All Levels Yoga
Kimberly began her study in the Baptiste method, delighted by the characteristic play and strong physicality of the practice. Today, Kimberly assists and studies with Bo Forbes, and is indebted to her always-evolving work on yoga’s applications for wellbeing, creativity, and social connection. Kimberly’s classes have a strong therapeutic emphasis, combining slow, mindful movement with connective tissue release. The practice aims to engage the core body, balance the nervous system, and cultivate a felt sense of living fully from our bodies. Kimberly is inspired by the body as an unfurling process in the world—made new in every moment; she is thrilled to offer mindful yoga as one way to encounter the mystery under our skin.

Alice Heller

Nia, Monday at 7:30pm
Alice has been dancing for most of her life, and her current focus is on Nia and African dance. She has been working with children and adults for over 16 years starting with the classic dance genres, she moved into African dance in 1990 and Nia in 2010. She earned her White belt Nia certificate in 2011 and her Blue Belt in 2013. Nia classes integrate dance, martial arts and healing arts including yoga. Alice brings all the modalities to her class making them unique and moving- internally as well as externally. Teaching in the Metro Boston area, Alice shares her passion for connecting body / mind through classes, workshops, and private sessions.

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Jane Henderson

All Levels Yoga, Monday at 12:15pm, Friday at 9:30am
Jane Henderson, RYT 200, is an experienced yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2007. As a senior member and facilitator of the Teacher’s Study Project directed by Coeli Marsh, Jane specializes in alignment based slow flow and restorative yoga. She is known for creating a strong container encouraging students to find an environment of balance and freedom. She is passionate about sharing all that yoga has given her: strength to do things she thought impossible, serenity in the midst of chaos and courage to undertake challenges. More that fifty years of life experience has been Jane’s greatest teacher and surviving breast cancer has been one of the most powerful forces in her growth.

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Tom Hogan

All Levels Yoga, Friday at 5pm
Tom Hogan teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in the greater Boston area. His classes are open to all levels from beginner to advanced, and are a simple opportunity to move, breathe, relax, and be at peace in your own way. Tom is known by his students for a slow but powerful flow class which features chanting, mantra, and sankirtan.

Tom has taught professionally in Boston for seven years and is a graduate of the Rolf Gates Yoga School at the advanced level. In addition to teaching, Tom is the program director and manager of Om Namo Center. Outside the yoga world Tom is an avid hiker.
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Lucie Kasova

Dynamic Core Flow, Thursday at 6pm
Lucie Kasova, RYT 500, is known for her teaching style that integrates yoga and mindfulness, bringing clarity, integrity, and a deep sense of connection between yoga and life to her classes. Her approach emphasizes the power of breathwork as a transformational tool. Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (200-hour level), Pranakriya Professional Level Yoga Teacher (500-hour level) and Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Lucie has studied extensively under Yoganand Michael Carroll, the Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga and Master-Level teacher. A 2013 and 2016 recipient of a Teaching for Diversity grant from the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, Lucie teaches classes and workshops in the U.S. and Europe, and is available for private yoga instruction and Thai Yoga Therapy sessions. Lucie’s teachers include Devarshi Steven Hartman, Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, Shoban Richard Faulds, Jonathan Foust (Meditation), Martin Kirk (Anatomy), Noah Mazé (Yoga Therapeutics), William Hufschmidt (Assisting Skills, Thai Yoga Therapy), Jacci Gruninger (Prenatal Yoga), Andrew Rivin, Desirée Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, and Dr. Douglas Brooks (Yoga Philosophy).

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Coeli Marsh

Yoga for Everyone, Saturday at 4:30pm (main facilitator)
Coeli Marsh, EdM, E-RYT 500, received her master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is adept at integrating her training in psychology with her background in yoga as a healing art and specializes in training teachers and classroom assistants. Coeli is a master Baptiste teacher and founder of the Teacher’s Study Project, a training and mentoring school for professional yoga teachers.

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Sally McAlpin

Hatha Yoga, Monday at 10am, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11am
Sally McAlpin has been practicing yoga and meditation for 30 years. She has been teaching for 20 years and has had the opportunity to train with many master instructors.

Sally is a certified Kripalu Instructor and currently working on advanced training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She has trained extensively in Iyengar yoga in Boston and Edinburgh, Scotland. Recently she is studied yoga therapy with a senior Inyengar teacher in Arlington, MA. In addition, Sally is certified by meditation and healing pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and by the Herbert Benson Mind/Body Center at Boston’s Deaconess Hospital to teach meditation in schools.

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Nicole Siegel

NAMO Vinyasa Flow, Sunday at 8am / Yin, Yang, Mindfulness, Sunday at 9:30am
Movement has always been a part of Nicole’s life, as she has journeyed from dancer to movement therapist to yogi. Nicole has a passion for whole body wellness, the ability to connect mind, body, and spirit through breath and movement. She continuously strives to let go of the internal chatter and external distractions, and just simply be. Nicole completed her 500 hr. Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Daniel Orlansky and teaches in the Greater Boston area. She is certified in Vinyasa Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Thai Yoga Message, and Yoga Nidra. As she works to deepen her practice, Nicole is looking forward to sharing her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for yoga with the Om Namo community!

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Rob Stephenson

Mindful Strength, Monday & Friday at 7am
With over ten years of personal training experience, Rob has crafted his coaching techniques based on the belief that physical movement can create balance in life. Rob has learned from personal experience that integration of the body and mind can help to overcome challenges in the world and in ourselves everyday. Through coaching, Rob teaches people about optimal positioning for movement, how to activate muscles for efficiency, and how to persevere in the world. Whether you’re a teenager, former athlete, senior citizen, or parent of three, Rob can teach you safe, effective ways to get the results you want. Rob helps his clients discover new things about themselves in order to pave paths to the life lives they want to live.

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Pradhuman Nayak

Gentle Healing Yoga, Tuesday at 6:00 PM and Kalaripayattu (Martial Art) Yoga, Tuesday at 7:15pm
Pradhuman Nayak grew up in a family of folk performers in Jharkhand, India. A graduate of the prestigious National School of Drama in Delhi, India, Nayak has appeared in numerous plays under the direction of some of the best-known Indian directors, as well as under directors from Japan, the US and Europe, including the world-renowned Robert Wilson. Nayak has played lead roles in award-winning films and theater works in India, including the international award-winning film “Baha.” Nayak has performed with ANIKAYA Dance Theater at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC; Dance Theater Workshop and Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City; the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; The Dance for World Community Festival; Boston Center for the Arts; BU Dance Theater; FringeNYC; the Houston Fringe Festival and in cities throughout India. Pradhuman began working with ANIKAYA in 2006 in India and joined the US-based company in 2009.

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Healing Therapists

Santosh Karmacharya

In addition to owning Om Namo Center, Santosh has a robust and busy practice offering bodywork, yoga, personal training, and biomechanics for both individuals and groups. Santosh is trained in acupuncture, bodywork, physical therapy, and chiropractic techniques, and his work is informed by his background in physics. Therefore, Santosh approaches the body from a biomechanical perspective, understanding the ways in which our bodies respond to gravity and strategies for lifting ourselves up. Santosh uses his extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western healing modalities, as well as his understanding of physics, to recognize patterns in the body that promote healing through strengthening, lengthening, and stretching in ways that maintain structural integrity. He works collaboratively with individuals to help people understand their own unique biomechanics and what they can do to move through the world with healthy bodies and minds. As a native of Nepal, Santosh’s style embodies a unique blend of Eastern healing arts and knowledge of Western science, which is the hallmark of Om Namo Center.

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Dan Boyne

Dan has been practicing yoga for over twenty years, and teaching since 2002. He has been interested in mind-body disciplines since high school, when he studied judo, and in college he practiced Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He continued to study Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and other internal styles from Boston master Arthur Goodridge, who also taught him the Japanese hand-healing art known as Reiki. In the 1990’s Dan became interested in yoga as a way to combine his love for movement with a more spiritual practice, and he has worked with several master teachers, including Richard Freeman, Ana Forrest, Barbara Benaugh, Tias Little, and Patricia Walden. Dan is a level III (unlimited) healer who was trained by Reiki master Arthur Goodrich in the Usui lineage system. He sometimes uses gentle joint mobilization and vibration techniques to further open up blocked pathways.
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Shivali Brooks Page

Shivali is an intuitive healer, psychic, and Licensed Reiki Master Teacher. She trained in Reiki with Laura West, M.Ed, a Master Teacher with a strong lineage in both Usui and Jikiden Reiki. Shivali is trained in and practices Pranic Healing and is a certified Kundalini Reiki Master; she is also certified in Shambhala Multi Dimensional Healing. Shivali brings energies of her own Indigo Violet Light Healing and Body Dialogue, as well as other modalities, to create a unique blend of energy, healing, and transformation. She also offers crystal healing and Healing Aura Sprays. Shivali has a dedicated daily yogic meditation practice, which complements and enhances her work. She is passionate about facilitating healing and empowerment and helping others on their journey.

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Marie Buckhout

Marie has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life West College of Chiropractic in Hayward, CA. She previously worked as a Chiropractor for Chiro-Medical Group in San Francisco, a multi-disciplinary clinic with a holistic approach to optimal health and a specific focus on sports medicine. In addition, she was a team Doctor for Team-in-Training runners in the San Francisco area. Marie is also a full-time mother of three and a lifelong exercise and health enthusiast. For the past 3 years she has been living in the United States, between Connecticut and Florida, and prior to that she lived in Paris, France with her family for 5 years. Marie enjoys tennis, running marathons, skiing, group fitness, and traveling.

Alecia Dayger

Alecia has dedicated nearly two decades of study and practice to the field of health and wellness. While earning a Master’s Degree of Physical Therapy she gained a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and expertise in how body systems integrate. Alecia’s strong background in human sciences combined with her commitment to honoring intuitive wisdom allowed her thrive at The Massage School, where she completed an 800-hour training program, including 200 hours of hands-on clinical experience. She provides her clients with skilled therapeutic massage, including Swedish, Trigger Point, myofascial release, deep tissue, and sports massage. Merging techniques from Physical Therapy, Yoga and Massage Therapy, Alecia finds joy is partnering with group classes and individual clients to achieve optimal health.
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Corinne Feinberg

Corinne Feinberg of Pathlight Healing is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher in the tradition of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki® and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki®, an herbalist trained in the Wise Women tradition of plant spirit medicine, Kripalu-certified yoga teacher & apprenticed crystal bowl sound healing facilitator. Corinne’s passion for the healing arts began with seeking alternative modalities to support her journey through Chronic Lyme Disease. It was the gift of Reiki energy healing that lead Corinne to experience freedom from her symptoms and ultimately healed her from the disease. Since then, Corinne has found her passion in offering the gift of alternative healing methods to those who are open, ready, and willing to move through a deep healing process. She has been featured in Reiki News Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue for her journey through Lyme Disease, as well as on the wellness site Mind Body Green and Garden Collage.

She hosts monthly workshops and trainings throughout New England and New York state, specializing in empowering others to understand themselves more fully by getting out of their heads and into feeling sensations in order to move through life with awareness and intention.

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Kathy Kates

Kathy currently works as a bilingual Family Nurse Practitioner at a community health center in Waltham where she specializes in women’s health and the pelvic floor. In recent years, Kathy has continued to expand her knowledge base by studying myofascial release with John Barnes (PT) and Biomechanics with Santosh Karmacharya at Om Namo Center. Prior to her medical training, Kathy was a professional musician, playing locally with the Boston Pops and also traveling the world. Her two career paths, while disparate, have both served to foster a lifelong curiosity about the body from a biomechanical perspective. Her passion lies in educating others on how they can function optimally in order to live their happiest and healthiest lives. She is also a proud mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor.

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Pablo Ruiz

Pablo Ruiz graduated in 2006 from the Muscular Therapy Institute (Cortiva Institute). He specializes in designing unique treatment sessions for each client by integrating various therapeutic massage modalities including deep-tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, sports massage, and Swedish massage. Pablo focuses on the client’s needs and their treatment goals to treat chronic muscle tension patterns and pain; helping clients achieve body awareness, increased range of motion, and relaxation.
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Pär Scott

Pär (pronounced ‘pear’) is a skilled massage therapist, acupuncturist, and Chinese herbalist. Pär has taught at the New England School of Acupuncture since 2007. Pär also translates, edits, and coauthors books for The People’s Medical Publishing House, the world’s largest Chinese medical publisher. In 2010, he edited The Treatment of Depressive Disorders with Chinese Medicine by Wang Yan-heng, and in 2014, coauthored the book, TCM Case Studies in Chinese External Medicine, which is a collection of case histories related to dermatological and other topical conditions.

Developer of Golden Mirror therapy, he has spent over 20 years studying the human body and the somatic aspects of emotional expression, from a Western and Chinese medical perspective. Initially, Par specialized in performance enhancement and injury treatment for professional and student dancers at Jacob’s Pillow, Boston Ballet, and Riverdance. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) in 2002 with a special focus on anxiety and insomnia conditions.

Pär offers services in Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and Swedish deep tissue massage.

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Visiting Teachers and Alternative Healers

Ben Booth

As a teacher, Ben brings all of this experience together to offer creative, insightful and challenging courses, with a depth of traditional influence. Ben has taught Yoga and Tai Chi to a diverse group of individuals, ranging from health care professionals, Buddhist monks, and professional athletes to at-risk teens and pre-school children. Ben has taught at numerous clubs throughout Boston and Cambridge, taught Yantra Yoga at Kripalu, been a guest lecturer at MassArt and the Lawrence Family Health Center, and has led workshops throughout the country. He teaches Ocean Rowing and leads coastal expeditions, and encourages his mind-body students to take their practice out of the studio. As founder of Dharma Voyage, Ben teaches courses that connect us with ourselves and with the great energy of the natural world.

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Calango first began training Capoeira Angola under Mestre Deraldo Ferreira in 1997 while attending Brown University. While there, he was given the Capoeira nickname of Calango. After graduation, he returned home to Northern California. Unable to resist the call of Capoeira, he moved back to Boston in 2000 to continue training with Mestre Deraldo. In 2003, he was graduated as an Advanced Student, and in 2007 he was graduated as a Treinel (literally, Teaching Assistant, a teaching rank). In 2007, he began to teach classes at MIT’s Alumni and Wang Fitness Center as part of the school’s fitness curriculum. Calango has been a dedicated disciple to Mestre Deraldo, traveling to universities and events to assist the master in demonstrating and teaching of the beautiful art of Capoeira Angola.

Calango has visited Brazil on multiple occasions to study the art in its native land, and graduated as a Professor in 2011. In 2016, he was invited to Brazil to teach his own Capoeira Angola workshops.

In addition, Calango has studied Qi Gong since 1999, and in 2008 and 2011, traveled to China to study Pi Gua Zhang, Body Hardening, Tiger Hooks and Crazy Demon Staff with the late Master Zhou Jing Xuan.

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Rae Chandran

Teacher, channeler, and energy healer, Rae Chandran, has been on the path of self-discovery for over three decades. Drawing on his years of experience, Rae teaches spiritual disciplines and other modes of healing for the audiences around the world, including Japan, the United States, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, India, and Vietnam. He also leads people to power spots and power vortexes in countries such as Egypt, Israel, Greece and Morocco.

Rae is the author of three books: DNA of the Spirit, Volumes 1 & 2 and Partnering with Angels, all of which are completely channeled. Three more books from Rae will be published later this year. Rae’s channeled messages regularly appear in Sedona Journal. He has also been on the radio show around the world, including Taiwan, the United States, and Malaysia.

Rae has also channeled over 400 Symbols for healing and transformation from Ascended Masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St.Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis, and a host of other light beings.

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Nadia Colburn

Nadia Colburn, PhD, RYT 200 brings together writing, yoga and meditation in workshops around New England, in her in-person class, Align Your Story, and in private coaching. Nadia’s own poetry and prose have been published in over sixty publications including The New Yorker, The Boston Globe Magazine, The Kenyon Review, American Poetry Review,, and Yes! Magazine. Nadia is a founding editor at Anchor Magazine: where spirituality and social justice meets, holds a PhD from Columbia and a BA from Harvard, is a serious student of Thich Nhat Hanh, and is a mother of two. See more at www.nadiacolburn.comSchedule an AppointmentEmail Nadia for an Additional Availability

Hilary Illick

Hilary Illick is an Executive Coach, a Life Coach, and a faculty member at the Hoffman Institute. She practices life coaching based on the co-active coaching model. Co-active coaching is designed to move individuals towards more balance, more effective process, and more fulfillment in their lives. In co-active coaching, coach and client work as partners focused on the client’s agenda. Rather than viewing the client as a problem to be diagnosed and fixed, co-active coaching holds the client as creative, resourceful, and whole, and serves to guide the client towards her or his own authentic vision and solutions. Hilary’s clients include corporate C-Level executives and senior leaders at dozens of corporations nationwide—as well as individuals who see her at Life Matters, her private practice in Cambridge.

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George Mandler

George Mandler is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Licensed Nutritionist/Dietitian specializing in food hypersensitivities where he has specialized post-graduate training. He utilizes an extremely accurate blood test to identify a person’s individualized inflammatory responses to 150 different food items. From these test results and other information obtained in the initial interview George will build a personalized anti-inflammatory elimination diet.

The personalized anti-inflammatory diet is most effective for patients with difficult to treat conditions such as Migraines, IBD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune, Depression, Arthritic conditions, Fatigue, CFS to name a few. Within 7-10 days on a low antigenic elimination diet the large majority of patients have at least a 70% reduction in symptoms.

Besides offering expertise food hypersensitivity dietary care George also supports people in more traditional ways of utilizing blood, saliva and stool testing as well as nutraceuticals and herbal medicines to resolve their health issues should they not want to the personalized elimination diet. Of course he also offers acupuncture sessions which can help directly teat or as an adjunct treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

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Robert Mason Pollock

Robert Mason Pollock has been an energy healer and spiritual counselor for 25 years. He practices and teaches in Manhattan and the Berkshires. He works with the Light to remove emotional/energetic/physical blocks from the body, which helps us to heal. Robert uses pendulums and divining rods to access divine intelligence in the service of clearing the client’s energetic field and the effects of past experience/trauma plus any current conditions.

Robert believes that we live in times that are energetically favorable for growth and transformation, and that the key to making the best use of these conditions is to be attuned to the Higher Energies that are coming into the Earth with increasing strength and intensity. While each of us is unique and works at our own pace, Robert’s work is informed by the belief that each of us has the means to heal and make the changes we want to make.

Robert is the author of Navigating the Heart: Tools to Diffuse Negativity and Connect to Inner Guidance and DNA of the Spirit: A Practical Guide to Reconnecting with Your Divine Blueprint, channeled by Rae Chandran. For more information, visit Robert’s website.

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Molly Powers

Becoming a Medium
During Reiki sessions, Molly sensed vivid presences that offered information, often very valuable to her understanding of the patient. Molly began sharing this opportunity to share in this information, her patients and students were elated with the Energy Work.

As Molly researched more about her encounters, she understood that what she was experiencing was the channeling associated with being a medium. The presences that had begun inhabiting her Reiki sessions were not distractions, but rather spiritual guides.

Soon information began to come to Molly outside of Reiki sessions, and instead of suppressing, she welcomed these messages for the people around her. Reluctant to consider herself a “medium”, Molly planned her first formal reading with a friend. She began the reading with a meditation to clear the mind, body, and soul. Before she could complete meditation, the spirits and their rapid-fire information and images arrived in full force, providing undeniable detail and clarity. Once she opened her heart and mind to the experience, there was no turning back. She began readings, bringing closure and peace to her clients from their loved ones on the other side.

Discovering Reiki
While instructing yoga, Molly realized that there was an energy present when she placed her hands on students assisting them with positioning. She began exploring other methods of capturing this natural energy and understanding its application to emotion and physical healing. Having heard of the long-proven practice of Reiki, which connects divine knowledge (Rei) to the life force energy (ki), Molly began studies with Marilyn Vega, an established energy healer and seasoned RN at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York.

Reiki Masters immediately recognized Molly as “a unique hands-on practitioner with special abilities to connect with her patients… extremely intuitive and unequaled in her ability to detect physical and emotional imbalances”. Molly quickly developed a following of Reiki clients that included the elderly, patients with terminal illness, children with special needs, individuals with sports related injuries, and patients with cancer.

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Joseph Satiak

Joseph started practicing Yoga 1991 and started teaching at the Iyengar Institute of Greater Boston in 1995. He opened the Belmont Yoga Studio with his wife and studio partner Candace in 2002 and served as co-director until 2011.

Joseph is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor and a graduate of the Yoga Room Advanced Studies Program in Berkeley, CA. Like Candace, he is a featured model in the book “Yoga–Awakening the Inner Body” by Donald Moyer. He continues his study of Yoga under the guidance of senior teachers Donald Moyer and Faeq Biria.

Joseph has traveled to India frequently to study with the Iyengar’s at their institute in Pune.

He practices Macrobiotics and Vipassana Meditation.

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