Massage & Wellness at Om Namo Center

We offer a variety of wellness services to assist you on your journey. Our treatments are rooted in both tradition and science, integrating the ancient medicinal wisdom of the Orient with 21st century western scientific expertise.

The goal of the treatment is not to make you feel “good” (although this also happens)! Massages and bodywork are focused on providing a valuable experience rich with personal understanding to help you find a wellness “equilibrium” you can work with for years. Whether your treatment starts on your mind, body, or spirit, our goal is to help support a vibrant and healthy you.

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Hands on techniques where therapists manually release tension and treat and heal the body.  We offer a variety of styles such as deep tissue, shiatsu, acupressure, myofascial, athletic, and more.
Services from $100/hour.
Acupuncture is an ancient healing art where small needles are inserted at specific locations to increase the flow of lifeforce to promote healing and overall wellness.
Services from $80
Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient healing art whereby rare and lesser known herbs are used to treat specific symptoms in the client.
Services from $100/hour.
Reiki is a gentle treatment where the hands are placed gently on the client to transmit healing energy.
Services from $90/hour.
Energy healing is a non – hands on technique where the therapist uses a crystal pendulum to trace meridians (energy channels) and remove blockages.
Services from $175
The treatments are focused on the pelvis and reproductive area to treat a variety of symptoms in women.
Services from $150

Om Namo Center partners with skilled wellness practitioners to provide an even wider variety of treatments. Learn more