Poems, Process & Nothing to Lose

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Om Namo Center’s own Esteban da Cruz recently added ‘published author’ to his CV. His book of poetry, Reflections, is now available at the Center and online. Esteban shares some insights into his inspiration and process for creating this work, along with a poem selected by the author himself. 

This collection of poems has arisen from years of attentive listening, suffering, meditation, and openness to life. These words that would visit me always demanded to be captured, and eventually began to take on a shape of their own in Reflections. Through much refinement, they came together in a way that they wanted to be presented.

Inspiration comes to me in every moment of waking life. It may be deep meditative states, a terrible day, a delicious meal, a great (or terrible) book, outrage at a politician, or wise words from a friend—it’s simply about paying attention and being ready when the Muse lands on one’s shoulder.

Some of my greatest influences are Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rumi, and Hafez, as well as certain endlessly insightful texts such as the Yoga sutras, the Upanishads, the Daodejing, and the Pali Cannon. I am mostly grateful that I could give tangible form to years of obsessive, conversation-interrupting note-taking and present them to my wife as remuneration for her many years of patience with me.

Nothing to lose

Your great fear
is loss.

Loss of life.

Loss of love.

Loss of time.

But you can only lose
that which you possess.

Realize that you possess
none of these—
they have all been borrowed—
and you will lose
only your fear.

– Esteban da Cruz