From 39 reviews Sal Bert 4 days ago I love the range of classes and the lovely community! Deep thanks to the teachers for providing a safe and intelligent space. via   Geri B 11 days ago [...]

I Fought Breast Cancer, and Now This?!

Kathy Kates, Nurse Practitioner, offers Pelvic Health Treatments for women at Om Namo Center. Her own experiences with pelvic discomfort led her to explore myofascial release for the pelvis. She [...]

Poems, Process & Nothing to Lose

Om Namo Center’s own Esteban da Cruz recently added ‘published author’ to his CV. His book of poetry, Reflections, is now available at the Center and online. Esteban shares some [...]

We’re Honored!

We are honored to be selected for the 2018 Scout’s Honored poll. Om Namo Center is nominated again for best yoga in Cambridge. We are thrilled that our wellness practitioners have been [...]

A Playlist To Elevate Your Yoga Class

Nicole Siegel’s students know her dynamic vinyasa yoga classes for their fantastic playlists that complement, not distract from the practice. Nicole shares one of her recent favorites here. [...]

Meditation at Home: A Simple Guide

Dan Boyne is a world renowned rower, talented author and skilled teacher of yoga and meditation. Dan shared the following excerpt to help guide you in your efforts to meditate at home. He teaches [...]

On Mindfulness by Hillary Ilick

Hilary Ilick works as an executive coach, a life coach, and a faculty member at the Hoffman Institute. Her clients include senior leaders at dozens of corporations nationwide, as well as [...]

A Fall Salad to Feed the Body & Soul

Jane Henderson, Om Namo Center’s multi-talented yoga teacher and home cook, shares with us another fantastic recipe for a healthy, satisfying meal. The recipe is respectfully adapted [...]

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